About Us

Children’s Parties can be quite a stressful occasion for busy mums and dads! So it is our mission to provide fabulous fun filled parties taking away tension and anxiety from parents.



Why choose Especially For You Parties?

  • All our entertainers come from a performance background. Whether it’s singing, dancing or acting.
  • We always use high quality outfits  so our entertainers look the part.
  • As an established professional children’s entertainment company, with an extensive track record.
  • Our entertainers cover multiple locations throughout the UK.
  • We provide free e-invites and princess, pirate & fairy certificates at our parties.


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About Charlene

Charlene is a trained Performing Arts Actress who has spent several years running children’s parties. She started her princess company with just one character and now has trained entertainers all over the UK. Charlene and her team will ensure your child’s dream comes true by making their favourite fairy tale character come to life.

Parties galore – Which one will you choose?

Who will you choose to host your child’s party? Whatever your decision, you will not be disappointed as each party will embrace the child’s imagination to provide a fantastic, creative party. Just give us a call to book your child’s favourite!

About Us Especially For You Parties

Entertainer Locations

We have entertainers all over the UK, including Wales and Scotland. So with a wave of her wand and a sprinkle of fairy dust, Princesses, Fairies, Pirates Wizards and Superheroes can fly to children’s parties all over the UK.