‘Princess in Training’

July, 2015. By: Charlene Smith

All my life I’ve been nicknamed princess, referred to as a pixie, why I’ve even had a gentleman ask me to sprinkle him with my fairy dust during my very un-magical day job!  I guess it’s my youthful looks (good genes!), petite frame and long blonde hair that does it..  Either way it is no problem for me, I am a self-confessed fairy princess who buys everything in pink and has daisies stuck on her car! So you can imagine my excitement when I land my dream job working for Bella Princess Parties – I can now be referred to as a Princes, for real!  At the moment I am a ‘Princess in Training’ as I have only done a few parties; some of my fellow Princesses have done hundreds. I want to share the experience from my first ever party, where I was transported into a magical world.  We arrived in plenty of time – it is so important to be early and allow enough time to change, sort hair and make-up and most importantly finding the location!  The mum met us out front then we snuck upstairs to get ready.  This party took place at the grandma’s house and it was perfectly fit for a Princess with sparkles and glamour all around.  I got into my fairy costume and adorned my head with some flowers before I tied my Princess partner into her stunning corseted Cinderella dress.  She looked amazing – I couldn’t wait to see the look on the guests faces. Time for the big entrance!  Cinderella waltzed in searching for the birthday girl whose face lit up with joy.  Mummies, daddies, friends and family gathered around taking photos of the special moment where a three year old met her idol in her nanny’s back garden.  The thing that surprised me the most was the excitement from the adults – they were beaming! Cinderella was truly in character as she entertained the little ladies, given their undivided attention.  When she brought out her phone to play some music for the next one party-goer asked what happened as it was cracked.  Apparently silly Prince Charming had dropped it!  But he was nice enough to replace it with a shiny new blue one to match her favourite dress.  The older guests found this hilarious but the children took it quite seriously – adorable. The two hours flew by with the birthday girl elated in each moment.  Even her case of chickenpox was forgotten as she followed Cinder’s every move.  Magical wish time came around, we took lots of photos and sadly it was time to leave.  We disappeared to de-robe and become two ‘normal’ young females again.  The parents were so grateful and we chatted for a while before leaving.  Mum explained her panic of the chicken pox hitting just days before the party; though more importantly she shared her relief once she found out Cinderella was still willing to come to the ball! No glass slippers were left behind but a little piece of me was as I was opened up into this enchanted realm, looking forward to beginning my Princess career entertaining my very own birthday girls and make their wishes come true!

‘Princess in Training’ by Princess Gabriella

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