So you want to become a princess entertainer?

November, 2016. By: Charlene Smith

Being a princess isn’t as easy as it sounds and running a princess party is a lot harder than you think.

We get so many enquiries from girl’s hopeful to become princesses that it only seemed right to share a little insight as to what it takes to become one! Let’s start with benefits: There’s no greater feeling than seeing the birthday girls face beam with excitement when you first meet. Knowing she’s met someone she cares so much for, and that you’ve left a lasting impression on. As a princess you really are responsible for creating a memory that can last forever – no small feat! Is it suitable for everyone? Certainly not I’m afraid. You need to be confident, energetic, able to interact well with children and be really reliable. Your goal is to make someone’s birthday as memorable as possible.

No margin for error 

Although we always keep entertainers on emergency standby, this isn’t a job where you can call in sick. If you’ve committed yourself to a party, you have to follow through with that commitment. You’ve got to put your all into making their birthday the best they’ve ever had. This does mean giving up your weekends, but you’re always responsible for the amount of work you take on.  

Initiative to lead

All our entertainers have a performance skill to share, whether it’s singing, dancing or something unique like a hoopla-hooping champion! We encourage our entertainers to inject their own personality and skills into their parties. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through! We expect our princesses to show great initiative and leadership skills. After all you’re responsible for controlling up to 30 children.

That magic sparkle

The Je ne sais quois. The magic that you’re just born with! We receive phenomenal feedback about our entertainers. Some mum’s have even brought them flowers and chocolates. Sometimes you just have to have that magic sparkle, and that’s what we look for. The ability for children to naturally warm to you, a caring and passionate personality, and great princess knowledge helps too!

It’s not all on you however. We do provide an extensive training programme, as well as continuous support. We’ll also provide everything you need, including all the kit, props, costumes and more.

We call our entertainers ‘princesses in disguise’, as that’s what they are (we even have hoodies and t shirts  to prove it). When you’re not entertaining children you’re still very much a princess. Children can generally sense this, so don’t be surprised if they stop you in the street or gravitate towards you. Being a princess is a great job to fit around your daily work life, scheduling in parties when you choose to. There’s also a great social side too, meeting other princesses and doing parties together. Be prepared to make some friends for life, and for it to shape and sometimes even change your world.

You can find out more about our parties here. If you’d like to be considered as one of our princesses please send your CV and a recent headshot to



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