7 Tips to the perfect hall for your child’s party

November, 2017. By: Charlene Smith

Finding a suitable hall can be stressful. You’re sometimes left waiting weeks for confirmed availability, all the while juggling when to book the entertainment. We speak from experience. 85% of our parties are done at a hall, and we regularly book our own for training and events.

Your pain is shared, but hopefully some of these handy hints will help.

1) Hall hire websites

Googling your closest hall is often everyones first step, but we recommend using a dedicated hall hire website. You can search for venues in a given radius and location, as well as find reviews, pictures, detailed synopsis and full contact details. The venues are normally also vetted, so you know you’re booking something reputable. Our favourite site is:  www.hallshire.com but www.mycommunityspace.org.uk also has come unique spaces available.

2) Ask your entertainer

We’ve seen more halls than anyone! In fact we travel to them every single weekend. Don’t be afraid to ask your entertainment company for recommendations. Chances are they’ve already hosted a party in your local area and will know the best venues to choose from.

3) School hall hire

Not all parents are in the know, but you can actually hire your local school’s hall. The cost can sometimes be cheaper and you have the benefit of all your guests knowing exactly where it is.  One additional advantage is they also tend to be well managed, unlike some halls who never seem to get back in contact.

Check out www.schoolsplus.co.uk to find a school in your local area that rent out their hall. Or alternatively just contact your local school and ask.

4) Space for food

You may not think so, but giving thought to how you structure your food space is important. Obviously a kitchen is essential, but so is deciding where all the children eat. Parents often opt for a buffet approach for it’s simplicity. However creating a grazing environment where children run up and down for food quickly leads to chaos.

A far better approach is to keep things structured, where children have a sit down meal in a specific space, even if that meal consists of jam sandwiches. When picking your venue make sure there’s enough tables, chairs and space to achieve this.

5) Space for games, children and adults 

One question we always get asked is how much space we need. While we, and others like us, will adapt the games to suit the space, giving thought to your environment is important. You need enough space to comfortably accommodate adults as well as children, with enough space to play games. However not so large as to loose everyone, or too small that any adults become too noisy.

Try and get specific measurements or a room plan, as this could help plan your party, and if in doubt go for a larger space over something too small.

6) Make sure there’s lots of free parking

You don’t want your guests worrying about whether their car could get towed. Free and ample parking can be critical, especially if you’re planning a big party.

7) Know about DBS & insurance requirements

Some halls require a DBS certificate and Public Liability Insurance from your entertainment company. Make sure you inform your entertainer well in advance of the party so they can get this arranged. It’s not uncommon for venues to refuse the entertainer entry until they receive the proper documentation.

If you’d like to find out more about hiring a hall please feel free to contact us. As always you can find out more about our parties here and remember to revisit our blog to keep up-to-date with new handy hints and tips on planning your child’s birthday party.

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