Top 5 questions about hosting your child’s birthday party in lockdown

August, 2020. By: Charlene Smith

Please note this applies to England only, as of 28th August 2020

After what seems like an eternity the government have now begun relaxing their lockdown measures, but with new advice comes renewed confusion. We’ve sieved through governmental guidelines to help you understand what you can, and still can’t do, when it comes to hosting your child’s birthday party. 

1. Am I allowed to host my child’s birthday party?

Let’s start with the most important: are you even allowed to host your child’s birthday party? The answer is definitely yes, but there are a few restrictions to be aware of. 

The government recently changed its guidance from ‘legislation’ (what’s lawful) to simply ‘advice’ (what they recommend). It remains against the law to have gatherings above 30 people. So while you’re defiantly able to host your child’s party, it’s really important you don’t go above this total number guests.

It’s also important to remember there’s different rules for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland for example can only have a maximum of 15 guests. Always check the government website for your location if you’re ever unsure. 

While 30 guests remain the limit we’d recommend keeping your parties smaller and more manageable. We’d also recommend using an entertainment company that have a covid secure policy to help keep everyone safe. 

2. Can you have your party indoors? 

While the government recommends keeping gatherings outside, it’s perfectly fine (and legal) to have the party indoors, for example if the weather isn’t suitable. Keep in mind that the 30 person limit applies both outdoors and in, and you should keep your home well ventilated, and ensure best practice hand hygiene. 

As of the 15th August the government have also officially green lit indoor performances, which means village and church halls are now allowed to open. They’ll no doubt have their own guidelines that will need to be followed, so always familiarise yourself with these and inform your entertainment company too. 

Technically some venues can legally cater for over 30 people, as long as they follow covid secure guidelines, which is something to be aware of.

3. Is there a limit on the number of children?

The government officially recommends up to 15 children, but this is just a recommendation and you can certainly have above this. It’s important however not to go above the 30 guest limit (unless your venue can specifically cater for this). 

We’d certainly recommend keeping the number of children invited to a manageable size. However with children returning to their larger class sizes it’s certainly possible to have more guests. 

4. Do children have to social distance?

Children below the age of 11 don’t need to social distance, and once they return to school they’ll all be within their class or nursery bubble too. 

Adults however will need to social distance to at least 1m and this should include your entertainer too. 

We’d recommend checking with your entertainment company on what social distance practices they have in place. 

5. What if there’s another lockdown?

The government’s strategy seems to favour local lockdowns, rather than another national one. 

If you find yourself suddenly thrust into a local lockdown check to see what new restrictions are in place. They may not always be severe and you may just have to restrict the number of guests invited. 

Always check with your entertainment company on what their policies are, for example moving the party date free of charge, or providing a refund. 

Children will always, and should  always, be able to celebrate their birthday. It can be daunting however to get back into the swing of celebrating and hosting children’s parties, especially after living with so many restrictions. 

Always do what you feel comfortable doing, but know there are professional entertainment companies who’ve worked to implement covid secure parties, ensuring government compliance while delivering a fun and memorable party. 


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