Princess Danielle M

October, 2016. By: Charlene Smith

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About me

Hello Im princess Danielle. I’ve been to dance college for 3 and a half years, in which we also got taught singing and acting, and taught dance to pupils from the ages of 3 all the way to 80. I’m now happy to be given the opportunity to also be a princess! After all who doesn’t want to dress up in beautiful outfits and make the birthday girl’s day! I love the look on the kids faces as you walk through the door and how excited they get, that’s what makes being a princess so special! My dancing background really shines through in the parties and I love to have a good time with the kids. I’m like a big kid myself and in the words of Disney ‘that’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up’

Performance Background


Performance Background

Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Reading, Surrey

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