3 fun and exciting party theme ideas for girls

January, 2017. By: Charlene Smith

Themed parties can transform a boring old birthday cake and a dull rendition of “Happy Birthday” into a magical adventure that everyone can enjoy.

With role-playing, professional party planners and a whole host of wonderful games, a themed party could be the best gift that you give to your daughter this year. Here are three of the fun-filled party themes that Especially For You Parties can provide.


Does your little girl dream of becoming a princess? Especially For You Parties can put on amazing princess parties, hosted by trained performers dressed as princesses.

All of our hosts are great with kids and come from performance backgrounds, with an ability to sing and dance and get everyone involved. Especially For You Parties can make it feel like you have a real-life fairytale princess in your home, and can create memories that your child will cherish forever.

Treat your daughter like a true princess and make it official with a crowning ceremony and certificate to prove it.

Alice in Wonderland

Nothing comes close to the surreal silliness that Wonderland has to offer. Everything from the Mad Hatter’s tea party to the elusive grinning Cheshire cat makes Alice in Wonderland one of the most beloved children’s books worldwide.

We can provide your children with a very merry unbirthday with our magical Alice in Wonderland themed parties, complete with our very own Alice or Mad Hatter. Our Alice in Wonderland themed parties feature a host of silly games based on the book, including a Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum relay race in which the children can take part.

My Little Pony

Sing songs and play games My Little Pony style! With a whimsical host, plenty of fun games and prizes, plus a touch of My Little Pony music, we can make your daughter’s special day all the more magical.

Not only are our hosts trained to sing, dance and get everybody in the My Little Pony spirit, but they’ll also be on hand to give the children glamorous glitter tattoos and paint their faces.

You can specify the kinds of games that you want and what character you would like our performer to come as. Whatever your daughter’s favourite pony may be, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Twilight Sparkle are all available.

We’ll even tailor the music to your daughter’s tastes, with one of the most requested songs among My Little Pony lovers being the Equestria Girls theme.

Fill their special day with some magic

These are just three of the party themes that we have available. We have a wide range of different themes available for both boys and girls, all filled with fun games, singing, dancing and a professional host that will get the children immersed and put on the show of a lifetime.

To learn more about all of the different parties we offer and receive a free quote for our services, simply get in touch with our friendly team here at Especially For You Parties today!

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