6 tips to pick the right children’s entertainment company

January, 2017. By: Charlene Smith

We’ve all read about, or maybe you’ve even experienced it yourself, those nightmare children’s parties. Perhaps the entertainer failed to turn up, or perhaps they looked nothing like how you thought. It’s no surprise picking the right entertainment company can be hard, but hopefully these six tips will help.


Tip #1: Go with a professional company

There is a HUGE amount of children’s entertainment companies and it almost seems like anyone with some spare time and a costume is providing a service.  Our advice is to always go with a professional company; and by professional we mean a registered company that provides entertainment services full time.

Partnering with a professional organisation means they’ll do everything they can to ensure you have an unforgettable party. They will always have entertainers on standby, they’ll be professionally trained and they will not just disappear leaving you high and dry. You won’t get the same commitment from someone who does this part time, or is balancing several jobs.


Tip #2: Balance cost with reliability

It’s difficult to balance costs, after all there’s the venue, decorations, food, cake and presents to pay for! It can be tempting to go with the cheapest company you find, but make sure you do your research as to their reliability. Most professional companies are actually similarly priced and worth the little extra investment. Those that provide the cheapest service aren’t always reliable, have a poor track record or aren’t even companies at all. Hidden costs are also something to be wary of, so are websites that don’t display their pricing.


Tip #3: Check their credentials

Every great company should be singing their own praises. They should have reams of testimonials across their website and Facebook page (Don’t believe us? Just check out ours). If the company your viewing doesn’t have recent testimonials, and by recent we mean no longer than 1 month old, then their credentials aren’t up to scratch. Read how other people found their party, this will give the strongest indication to how yours will go. As a rule of thumb always go with the more experienced company.


Tip #4: Pick a company that tailors itself to you

It’s your party after all and companies should be tailoring themselves around you, not the other way round. Try to find a company that will listen to your special requests and requirements and avoid those that are too ridged and inflexible. This could mean accommodating parties outside their usual hours, or changing the party format or games. It goes without saying that the party itself should be tailored to your child’s interests and the overall age group.


Tip #5: Always speak directly with your entertainer

Communication is key when delivering a great party. You need to be able to speak with your entertainer prior to your party to communicate specific details and requests. It’s also crucial that your chosen entertainment company is easily reachable. Be wary of companies that don’t let you speak directly to your entertainer, or are difficult to reach. We’ve heard a lot of horror stories of organisations refusing to answer calls or emails for months on end.


Tip #6: Know what you’re buying

It’s important to know what you’re spending your money on. Make sure you receive some documentation that backs up what a company states on their website. You should also be able to see (or request to see) what your entertainer looks like. There should also be ample pictures and reviews of that specific entertainer so you know exactly what you’re buying. A professional company will also provide everything necessary for the full entertainment and will arrive early to set up and get ready.


BONUS Tip : Find someone that offers something unique

It seems everyone is offering a similar service these days. That being the case is doubly important to go with a company that offers something unique, or provides free extra’s to your party. This could be unique games, specific performances and extras such as invites and certificates. It also helps if a company provides different games for each party option, this should help make your party stand out from the pack.


There are genuinely some fantastic companies out there (we even partner with a few ourselves), but whoever you choose make sure you do your homework. If you do, you’ll definitely avoid the pitfalls and your party will be truly magical and unforgettable.

If you’re keen to find out more about our parties, feel free to explore our website and party options.


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