6 money saving tips hosting your child’s birthday party

October, 2017. By: Charlene Smith

It’s fast becoming the norm to host a large party for your child’s birthday, but with the ever increasing popularity comes the inevitable increase in cost. Good news though, there’s plenty you can do to save the pounds, just follow our handy money saving tips!

1. Don’t have too much entertainment

Children need entertaining. And for some the thought of squeezing into a princess or pirate costume to entertain a room full of children is almost too much to bear. If you decide to hire a children’s entertainer just remember you won’t need additional entertainment such as bouncy castles, face painters and DJ’s.

A lot of companies also provide discounts and freebies (such as free invites and certificates), so make sure you shop around. Just be careful, as the cheapest entertainer isn’t always the best.

2. Partner with another mum

It can sometimes feel like there’s a children’s party every weekend – and often there is! The best approach is to partner up with another mum and split the cost 50 / 50. Not only will it be cheaper but you’ll also halve the stress too (not to mention attending one less birthday party).  A lot of entertainment companies also won’t charge extra for additional birthday children.

3. Keep  it small

Don’t feel pressured to invite the whole class. Keeping your party small and intimate can not only be cheaper, but can also make for a better party. Smaller parties mean less food, party bags and (sometimes) less stress. If you’re having trouble chopping down the numbers give your little one a choice: a more expensive party with fewer guests, or a cheaper party with lots of guests.

4. Catering: Don’t go overboard as  young ones don’t eat much

Your young guests won’t eat very much. In fact they’ll only eat for about 15 – 20minutes and will care more about the cake than the expensive feast you’ve laid out. Keep the food simple and don’t order too much. Your little ones won’t know the difference between a gourmet sausage role and a more modest home brand. For those feeling adventurous baking your own cake and making your own food is a great alternative to store brought.

5. Host your party at home or a local park

Hosting your party at home can be a cost effective option, especially if you’re keeping your party small. Don’t feel like you’ll miss out on anything either, you’ll still be able to play lots of games. If you don’t have the space (or the thought of screaming children running around your home is too much to bear), try hosting your party in a local park.

A great alternative is to rent your local school’s hall, you’ll be surprised how cheaper it can be to a traditional hall.

6. Make your own party bags and decorations 

Decorations and party bags can be costly extras, but making your own can be a great alternative. Drafting in your children to help can also make for a great Sunday afternoon past time, and your decorations can be reused or even sold on ebay.

Feel free to find out more about our parties or contact us to find out how we can save you money in planning your child’s perfect birthday party!

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