Our kids’ party entertainers are dedicated to ensuring even boys aren’t left out!

March, 2017. By: Charlene Smith

We know what you’re thinking… a company like ours that takes such pride in being about princess parties can’t possibly cater to those with boys as well.

Well, we think we can prove you pretty emphatically wrong!

That’s because we also have male kids’ party entertainers on hand who can put on an amazing superhero or pirate party, while we can also incorporate boy-friendly games into a princess party if there will be both male and female guests.

We can host an incredible party for your little superhero or pirate!

It’s terrible, when you’re organising a party for the little princesses in your life, to worry about any boys in your family or group feeling left out. That’s why, if we receive notification from you that boys will be present – as turns out to be the case for most of our princess parties – we will arrange for some pirate and superhero games to be played as well.

But of course, there’s another possibility – that most of the little ones for whom you would like to arrange a party are boys or ‘tomboys’! With that in mind, a dedicated pirate party or superhero party could be just the thing, and as with our princess parties, you can rest assured that it will be overseen by a suitably qualified entertainer from a singing, dancing or performing arts background.

You might reckon that your little boy and his friends would love a swashbuckling pirate party complete with singing and dancing, ‘Captain says’, musical pirate statues and ‘pass the booty’ – a pirate version of ‘pass the parcel’. Or maybe you especially love the idea of a superhero party including the likes of superhero strength and agility training, balloon modelling and parachute games?

Why not book your boy’s dream party today?

It should probably be said that we’re not ones for gender stereotyping here at Especially For You Parties – we know that both boys and girls love pirates and superheroes, so you can also have a male or female host according to your preference.

Whatever your choice, you can have confidence in our hosts providing your little pirate or superhero with such an enjoyable party that they won’t ever want to go back to the ‘real world’! Make your booking today, and you should hear back from us within hours – or you can contact us about any other queries you may have about us as one of the leading children’s entertainment providers.





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