6 tips to make your child’s birthday a success!

November, 2016. By: Charlene Smith

Wow, planning a birthday party can be stressful, right? Making sure everything’s just perfect. Ensuring the day is truly memorable (not just for your child, but the other guests too).

We’ve all heard the horror stories about disaster parties, but there’s some simple things you can do to ensure yours isn’t amongst them!

1) Book an appropriate venue early

Choosing the right venue can be tricky. Our advice is to pick a local church or village hall. You also don’t want a huge venue if you’ve only invited 15 guests, so make sure it’s size appropriate.

It’s very chicken or egg in deciding what to book first: the hall or the entertainment. We’d recommend confirming availability of your entertainment first, but this shouldn’t stop you from sorting your venue out early. Most halls are overbooked and it can be a nightmare to hammer out an available date. Avoid the stress and book your venue early.

2) Get everyone involved in a theme

Most parties have a theme, whether it’s princess, Frozen, superhero or pirate, but it can be challenging to get everyone involved. Make sure all your guests know what type of party you’re hosting, and encourage them to dress up. Your entertainer should provide some great invites to help get your message across (just take a look at our princess ones).

The games played should also be bespoke and enjoyed by all. Just because you’re having a princess party doesn’t mean the boys should be excluded. Get everyone to dress and make sure the games are enjoyed by both genders.

3) Include a food break

If you’re hosting a party that’s over an hour long make sure you include a lunch break. We recommend serving food after the first hour. Your little guest can become extremely grumpy if they’re not allowed a respite. It also helps them maintain attention for the rest of the party. Most entertainment companies (including ours) will continue to entertain while they eat.

We also strongly recommend not allowing them to ‘graze’ on food throughout the party, as this can be distracting. A structured lunch break, getting everyone to sit and eat together is the best way.

4) Control the numbers

It’s tempting to invite everyone to your party, including the whole class and even their siblings. However, controlling the number of guests will have a positive impact on your party. Having too many children sometimes results in some not wanting to take part, or distracting those that do. Intimate parties with smaller number of guests really can make a difference. If, however you’re planning a large party make sure you hire an additional entertainer – and don’t feel bad about telling those noisy adults to keep the nose down if they become too loud.

5) Pick a professional entertainment company 

The entertainment will be the backbone of your party (unless of course you intend to entertain everyone yourself). You’re going to need someone that’s capable of controlling all those children, getting them involved in the games, and above all make your child the centre of attention! You want to see their eyes light up when they realise they’ve just met their idol, especially if you’re hiring a princess. Nowadays there’s a wealth of entertainment companies, but not all our professional (some simply do it in their spare time). Make sure you do your research and pick a professional company with a strong reputation and great reviews.

 6) Try not to stress

It’s easy to worry when planning a party. Just remember that entertainment companies such as ourselves are here to help. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your party is a success. We’ll always be reachable should you need to confirm or change any last minute details, and we’ll always go that extra mile. So breathe, relax and don’t forget to enjoy the day!

If you’re interested in our parties  feel free to explore our site or contact us at party@especiallyforyouparties.co.uk


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