Janeene Chochi

November, 2014. By: Lisa Smith

Daisy was  AMAZING   I’ve been to so many parties and seen other entertainers and they were so disappointing.  I went to a party last week and the entertainer looked stressed, hardly smiled and clearly couldn’t wait for it to be over.  But Princess Daisy was FANTASTIC!  My only disappointment was that I did not hire her long enough. There were a couple of ‘challenging’ children, but she handled all so beautifully and never lost her smile.  She remained in character the whole time.  The games were fantastic and fitted the age of kids I had.  She was so graceful and spoke so well to the kids. My Christal felt so special and told me it was her best birthday EVER. Definitely use you again but I would not want ANYONE else but Daisy!  Honestly, I am usually the first complain if I’m not happy with anything.  On this occasion, I have none.  Ok I do have one – I wish I had hired her for longer!!
My other daughter’s birthday is in June- and the plans are already to have Daisy again! Thanks so much,

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