Mandy and Craig Smith

March, 2015. By: Fairy Godmother

Princess Devon joined Ava’s party on Sat 28th Feb  and the party was fantastic. The girls ages ranged from 2 – 6 years old and all had a truly wonderful time. Princess Devon arrived early and came in to meet Ava straight away before the party started to sing and play, she was very attentive to Ava making her feel very special indeed. Ava was her focus throughout the party whilst still keeping all the children thoroughly entertained and mesmerised, even while eating. The girls came away from the party not wanting their tattoo’s to ever come off and talking about seeing Devon do real magic. Ava now talks about meeting her non-stop and will not part from the gifts she gave her, and has also asked if she can come to her party again next year.We would like to thank you very much as Ava had such an amazing time. Princess Devon was so warm and friendly that all the children overcame any shyness and were all very happy around her and took part in the activities straight away. I, along with the other Mum’s at the party, highly recommend your company and I have already given out your contact details.
Aside from the actual party we received all e-mails promptly and calls when promised, it all ran very smoothly. Thank you again!!

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