Princess Katie

July, 2018. By: Charlene Smith

The party was amazing. The princess unicorn sparkle (Katie) was very good and my daughter loved her. She kept the kids very entertained the whole time. And Before the party I went out to meet her and spoke to her then I went in and got my daughter and the unicorn princess came in and she went into character and the voice and the accent and everything changed so amazing how she could do that. Lots of the parents were asking if she was American. All the parents did say she was very good and the all the kids just love her. My daughter talked about her until she fell asleep and I asked her what was her favourite part of the day and she said when the princess unicorn sparkle walked in. Lots of nice games. And the magical wish my daughter love and when she got the coronation she hasn’t taken that crown off since.
Thank you princess unicorn sparkle!
It was a lovely party.

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