Princess Tamsin

February, 2018. By: Charlene Smith

Thank you so much for your email. We were delighted with Tamsin, she did a terrific job with the kids and we cannot thank her enough for helping to make our daughter’s party even more magical. She arrived promptly at 2.30pm as agreed and and once she changed she was just the perfect fairy from the makeup, outfit and hairstyle. She was super kind and very engaging with the children who all adored her.
We also had a soft ply setup and a face painting artist, so it wan’t always easy for her to keep the children attention.. but she was very clever to adapt and change games and entertainments when the kid’s attention would change. She has a beautiful singing voice and the kids were all completely charmed by her… I just wish I could have sat down with the kids and just listened to her! 🙂

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