Tracey Nichols

February, 2015. By: Fairy Godmother

Hi Charlene. Just to say we had a wonderful time with Princess Sparkle and Professor Knight. They were both excellent. Kids were so pleased with their parties. Claire had the girls eating out of her hand. She was great. And even though they were in the other room had to put up with loads of noisy roaring and she didn’t let it detract at all from what the girls were doing. It was really great. Andrew was also amazing. He had a large group and managed them really well, including my improv games that were pretty much geared towards hyping the boys up as much as possible. He even said what a nice bunch of boys they had been which was admirable as whilst they are pretty nice it was still really really full on! I’ll be sure to let all the parents know for the future who you guys are. I did contact another company first with my ideas, and they wanted to charge me for 2 separate parties, and they were a bit scared of doing my Monster games, with “Health and Safety”. It was lovely to talk to you and the entertainers and have them so keen to try some different things.Thanks again

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