Children’s Activities – 15 & 30 guests

Parties - 15 guests Especially For You PartiesUnder the current roadmap businesses that host children’s activities are able to resume from 29th March. However there are some important restrictions to be aware of: 

  • Indoors only from 12th April:
    Before 12th April activities must be hosted outside. From 12th April these can be moved inside. However we recommend keeping things outdoors whenever possible.
  • 15 guests total:
    You are restricted to 15 guests total. This includes BOTH children & adults – but not children under 5, or your entertainer. This means you’ll  still need to keep your parties as small as possible. 
  • Supervised activities only:
    The above relates to supervised children’s activities only. Once your host leaves the rule of 6 will apply, so you won’t be able to have a party or gathering afterwards.
  • Larger parties (30 guests):
    You will be able to have larger gatherings of up to 30 guests from 17th May (both inside or outdoors). This includes BOTH adults & children, so parties will still need to be smaller than usual. From 21st June there will be no further restrictions. 

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Key questions answered: 

Does the rule of 6 apply?

The rule of 6 doesn’t apply to supervised children’s activities. However once those activities finish, and your host leaves, the rule of 6 will apply! This means you won’t be able to have a party or gathering afterwards. We recommend having your host for 90mins or 2 hours if you plan on serving lunch.

What if it’s raining?

If the weather isn’t ideal you’ll be able move your party to a new date free of charge. Alternatively you can put up a gazebo, or – from the 12th April – move indoors.

What if I go over the guest limit?

It’s imperative you stick to the Government’s restrictions  – this means inviting a smaller number of children, and / or getting parents to drop off their children and leave. Please do not go over this limit – your host will not fulfil your booking if you do!

Can I have my party indoors from 17th May? 

Yes. Up to 30 guests (including children & adults) are allowed indoors for commemorative and significant lifetime events. Please note we still recommend hosting your party outdoors whenever possible.

Do I need to social distance? 

While children do not need to social distance it’s still recommend that any adults present social distance from each other. Your entertainer may also need to keep social contact slightly more restricted than usual.

What if the Government’s roadmap changes?

While our deposits are non-refundable you will be able to move your party to any new available date. You can even change your booking to a doorstep or virtual party should you choose.

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